What are the Primary Responsibilities of a CEO?

The job description covers the basic duties and responsibilities for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) job in a mid-cap high-technology business. The CEO holds ultimate responsibility for the day to day running of the company.

Duties include, but are not limited to of the CEO:

  • P&L responsibility for the business

  • Developing business strategies, plans and goals for the organisation ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives

  • Working alongside the Board of Directors to create a strategy

  • Leading and motivating subordinates to advance employee engagement, develop a high performing managerial team

  • Identifying the challenges which the company faces

  • Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission

  • Work with Directors to determine new opportunities in the marketplace and devise ways to take advantage

  • Set budgets for the relevant departments for the trading year

  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics

  • Communicate regularly with Directors

  • Get to know any key stakeholder relationships such as auditing and banking partners

  • Monitor staff engagement, turnover and culture

  • Undertake thorough analysis of performance criteria

  • Conduct analysis of all costs to ensure that the company is lean

  • Undertake a holistic review of the organisation to identify key business units and excess

  • Take the lead across all aspects of the company by reviewing how departments work together to reach company goals

  • Determine the direction of a business by working with upper management and leading team members to create and implement strategies and goals

  • Builds a positive and productive culture in the workplace by listening to employee opinions, making adjustments, and recognising the team's accomplishments

  • Communicates a vision for the company and take steps to make it a reality

  • Maintain a deep knowledge of the markets and industry of the company

What are the salary expectations of a CEO?

Average salaries for CEOs would be between £100K-£250K however for many the salary range will be even higher depending on the company turnover.

Brief tips for writing a CEO CV?

  • Include a profile in your CV which identifies your style of leadership and management to potential employers and highlights a particular area of success relevant to the new post e.g. A Visionary leader with a track record of increasing gross profit margins in engineering solutions

  • Use Situation, Action and Result (SAR) to demonstrate achievements which had an impact on productivity and profitability in your last role.

  • Familiarise and integrate all the keywords for the role and sector which the business operates in.

  • Remember to include any associations you may have with professional bodies to improve the integrity of your application.



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