Mobile Technology places new demands on Executive Search

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Andy Raymond.



As technological innovation changes the world around us, the way Executive Search firms conduct business is also changing. Mobile technology trends are changing not only the processes used by Executive Search firms, but the very value proposition of engaging a firm to complete a search.

If Executive Search firms have not done so already, they must first understand intimately how mobile devices have changed the way potential candidates interact with Executive Search companies and their services. For example, an Executive Search company’s website must look absolutely stunning, but also functional for the type of visitor. Understanding how executive candidates want to interact with a search firm is imperative. To reach the right executive talent, you need to be mobile-friendly in design, have the right ease of usage, and have high privacy.

Though there are greater expectations of transparency and speed, greater ability to measure results, and an overarching concern for security and compliance, the Executive Search industry has great opportunities to provide more value than ever for their high calibre candidates but must embrace information systems in order to deliver this.

Pervasive mobile technology is moving the needle on the value provided by Executive Search firms. Having access to research, clients, and candidates ‘anytime, anywhere’ creates a greater expectation of responsiveness and the overall pace of search execution. With rapid communication amongst an Executive Search team, there is a greater risk of having a candidacy go sideways overnight. Having a great search professional manage the interactions can be of critical value, but they need to be available and they need to be connected. Executive Search teams, therefore, require good search-specific data systems to cater to these increased demands. At best a slow response will reduce the chances of impressing clients and earning repeat business; at worst it can scuttle a search.

Easy information entry and recall on mobile devices is paramount to coordinate between team members and avoid potential toe-stepping conflicts with Business Development and issues around off-limits. This information becomes more and more valuable as it supports the fast pace of search execution without an individual having to check back with the Head of Search or other members of the search team.

Andy Raymond, Head of Redline Executive comments: “Ultimately the value of search will continue to be based on the most durable qualities of top executive search teams: a true understanding of the client’s needs, skills of assessing the market and potential candidates, navigating the path to a completed assignment, and a true partnership with the client based on responsiveness, integrity and transparency. As always, the highest value is not in a fast target list (or even a placement) but rather the very process of completing a true executive search which, if done right, gives confidence to a search team and reveals much about the market and the client’s own organisation.”

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