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We work with numerous executive candidates who are already in satisfying roles but are willing to consider a new role. Other candidates are actively seeking new opportunities. However, both types of executive candidates are willing to participate in thorough, often extensive assessment and selection processes with everything that process entails; effort, self-discovery, risk, consequences, and sometimes disappointment. However, it is the executive search consultant who ensures the experience is worthwhile regardless of the outcome, through exceptional candidate care.

Nick Livingstone at Redline Executive discusses why candidate care is so important in the world of executive search: "Here at Redline Executive we have a special focus on candidates because they are our friends and colleagues. We will take the time to offer career advice and to discuss direction. We treat candidates like a client, not a commodity as they are relying on our discretion and trust us to keep all of our correspondence confidential."

What Candidate Care Means to Redline Executive

"Candidate care commences with the executive search firm, who with each search assignment, represent their clients to a slate of high-level, executive candidates. It is the ethical, respectful, confidential, and responsive management of executive candidates", says Nick.

But what does this mean? Firstly, it means respecting the confidentiality of the candidate. According to the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) research published in ‘Executive Talent 2020’, nine out of ten (93%) of candidates believed their confidentiality was protected throughout every assignment and that they felt secure about exploring a new opportunity.

At Redline Executive, candidate care means being responsive to our candidates, especially during these times of uncertainty. It requires for us to be honest at all times and gentle if a candidate is no longer under consideration. It is being constructive if an individual seeks feedback after their candidacy. We also commit to candidate care by supporting the candidate after the search assignment is complete. It is not a case of simply transitioning the candidate into a new role, we ensure we keep regular contact and maintain a continued relationship.

As executive search advisers, we are the extension of our clients. When the candidate feels respected and cared for by our Redline Search Advisors, the candidate experience is one of professionalism and trust and these positive feelings and experiences reflect on our clients. This is why the candidate experience becomes very important at the negotiation stage and it often influences whether the candidate says ‘yes’.

However, if a client says ‘no’, the respect and care shown by our search advisors leaves a lasting impression on the candidates not selected for a particular opportunity. These candidates have the potential to be candidates for future assignments, and future Redline clients and they are brand ambassadors for our clients, for Redline Executive, and for us as professional executive recruiters. Today’s unsuccessful candidates could be tomorrow’s successful candidates and even tomorrow’s client. Treating both candidates and clients respectfully through the search process is imperative to Redline Executives success.

Redline Executive partners with established and emergent technology businesses across Europe and the USA delivering search, assessment, profiling services and assisting clients to meet their strategic goals. Redline Executive has successfully delivered hundreds of 'D' and 'C' level search assignments in the engineering and technology sector. Our senior management team has over 150 years' of combined recruitment experience which makes our network and influence in these sectors unparalleled. 

Redline Executive are the industry-aligned key partner for C and D suite permanent and interim hiring assignments for the European Technology market. To find out more about our Executive Search Process you can download our Executive Search Brochure here.

To have a confidential discussion about our executive search services, please call +44 (0)1582 450054 or send an email to info@RedlineExecutive.com

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